Actica is committed to playing our part in combating the global climate crisis.

“We must recapture billions of tonnes of carbon from the air, we must fix our sights on keeping 1.5 degrees within reach.” – Sir David Attenborough

The scientific consensus is clear; Climate Change is a present threat that affects the entire world and meaningful action is required by everyone to curb the worst of the consequences before it is too late.

Across the world, countries are making pledges to reduce their CO2 emissions and setting targets to achieve Net Zero emissions.

Our Commitment

Actica is committed to achieve Net Zero no later than 2030 and to do our part to keep global temperature rise within 1.5 degrees.

Our Progress

We have made substantial progress on this commitment by:

Operating a UKAS certified environmental management systems that is audited annually. It focuses on objectives and actions in the areas that are under the company’s control and will have the most significant environmental impact in the short and long term.

Setting short term targets for carbon reduction and monitoring progress against them.

Providing improved facilities and working practices to allow our people to remotely work effectively.

Promoting the use of transport means that have low environmental impact.

Offsetting emissions from an increasing number of projects.

We plan to drive down our emission further to ensure we achieve Net Zero well before 2050. Current initiatives underway include:

Building greater awareness within the company and our clients of the impact of their decisions on our path to net zero.

Maximising our use of renewable energy.

Reducing business travel by air, road and rail by encouraging greater use of remote working.

Exploring ways to support our people switching to electric vehicles.

Working with our suppliers to encourage them to set their own carbon reduction targets.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan

The current Actica carbon reduction plan can be found below:

The previous years Carbon Reduction Plans can be found here:

2020/2021 Actica Carbon Reduction Plan

2021/2022 Actica Carbon Reduction Plan

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