Committed to putting Fair Work First.

Actica is aligned with the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First Vision and Framework. We are committed to maintaining a well-managed, motivated, and properly remunerated workforce and promoting fair working practices. As part of our support to achieving the objectives set in the Fair Work First Policy we:

Provide appropriate channels to our employees to enable them to have an effective voice.

Invest in the development of our staff, provide the tools, training, support and opportunities that enable them to excel.

Do not use inappropriate zero hours contracts.

Promote equality of opportunity and inclusion and oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Pay all our employees fair and competitive salaries (significantly above the real Living Wage) and ensure salaries are based only on a person’s role and performance, and not affected by other factors (e.g. gender).

Believe our staff should have an appropriate work/life balance and support flexible/family friendly working practices.

Are opposed to the use of fire and rehire practices.

Provide an open, friendly, and supportive work environment, where everyone is listened to and respected.

We commit to follow these key principles of Fair Work First for all of our workers (including any sub-contractor workers).


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