What makes us different is not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

The values under pinning our work are:

We at all times strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

We act in the best interests of our client organisation at all times to ensure we provide the best possible support. Our dedication to be open and honest at all times means we will declare potential conflicts of interest, and not suppress findings a client representative may find unpleasant. We will not propose or undertake any unnecessary or excessive work, nor recommend inappropriate products or services.

We act in partnership with our client, collaborating to ensure project success.

We recognise that things change and assignments need to adapt to these changes. We therefore committed to working flexibly with our clients to ensure the best possible outcomes for them.

Our work will always be based on material knowledge, facts, professional experience and evidence. We will not be influenced by personal relationships or short term objectives and will not ignore material facts.

We will protect the information we receive in the course of work for a client. We will never share client information with third parties without permission.

We invest extensively in training and research to ensure our consultants have market leading knowledge. We are committed to ensuring the continued professional development of all our staff. Our staff will not undertake work they are not competent to perform and will not present themselves as having a higher level of competence than is actually the case.

Skills transfer
We recognise that a consultant’s role is a temporary one. Skills transfer is a key aspect of all our assignments. We believe this is essential for the health of the public sector that it maintains the internal capability to plan strategically and undertake the intelligent customer function.

Actica are pleased to confirm that we are signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant


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