Actica Consulting

Actica Consulting is an independent firm providing business and technical service to the UK public sector and related organisations. 

We specialise in the design, procurement and delivery of digital services and associated business change activities.

Our services

Our technical services focus on ensuring that our customers make best use of emerging information and communications technologies in achieving their business objectives. We combine our strong technical expertise with an excellent understanding of process transformation to harness technology to create solutions that deliver substantial business benefits to our clients.

Our business services combine knowledge of best practice in transformational and process change with ‘real world’ experience of project delivery to manage and deliver the practical outcomes required to ensure benefits realisation.

We help our clients to:

  Determine and resolve their most important management and technology issues, whilst simultaneously exploiting new opportunities for improving their services and overall performance.

  Embrace change and harness technology to achieve improvements in their business.

We work at the ’coal face’; driving projects forward to ensure timely and successful implementation.

We are not theorists (although we understand the theory), we are hands-on and pragmatic project implementers who seek to help our clients achieve success.


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