Project Delivery

In the euphoria of selection of the solution and the contract negotiations with the supplier, risks affecting the delivery phase can easily creep into the project. However, Actica's consultants have wide-ranging experience in the procurement and implementation of solutions to meet the business requirements of public sector organisations, and careful management during the purchasing cycle can mitigate much of the risk.

Our consultants, partnering with clients during this period, will focus on the project start-up, advising on team structures, responsibilities, acceptance procedures and reporting. They will plan to ensure business and information continuity during the introduction of new systems so that end customers suffer no degradation of service. In this way the risks to the success of the project will be significantly reduced.

Our consultants have considerable practical experience. Their insight into the difficulties encountered and successfully overcome during similar assignments reduces the risk faced by many in-house teams and increases their productivity. Our contribution to the management of risks can continue throughout the project by Actica providing an independent technical assurance function for the Project Board or Authority.

Projects of all types need firm and constructive management, and Actica's consultants help their clients in this manner. We offer a full range of services to help acquire and operate Communications and Information Systems, covering all stages of a project's management. As part of their development, Actica's consultants build on the established frameworks, such as PRINCE2, using their considerable practical experience to enhance the support they offer.

We are well versed in the key standards and techniques used within the public sector. We are familiar, for example, with OGC best practice, PRINCE2, MSP, SSM, SSADM, OMT and UML, and DSDM. However, we take a pragmatic approach in every assignment and work to each client's preferred methods and standards.