Intelligence and Security

Understanding the threat

Threats to the UK's national security develop quickly and are ever evolving. In recent years, the geographical focus of the the international threat has changed considerably. We have seen the continuation of dissident republican violence in Northern Ireland against a background of rising community tensions. State threats are a priority once more, particularly in the area of cyber security. Privatisation and internationalisation of asset ownership adds challenges to the protection of Critical National Infrastructure. Economic and social pressures are creating new and renewed forms of extremism.

Understanding the business environment

Actica understands that identifying, assessing and countering threats means investing in people, processes and tools that allow the UK to maintain a lead against its adversaries. We understand that this vital work is not done in a vacuum. Those charged to protect our national security are not exempt from pressure to work efficiently and collaboratively, including with private sector partners. We must safeguard legal and reputational principles as well as delivering world class operational outcomes.

Why Actica?

Actica's people have extensive experience of operating successfully in environments that demand the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality. Our expertise includes:

  • Strategic advice to senior management
  • CLAS consultancy
  • The delivery of joined up information systems
  • Information exploitation
  • Specialist secure communications
  • Investment appraisal
  • Value-driven programme and project management, business analysis and business case preparation

We deliver success quickly through building shared clarity of objectives, giving you the best people and supplying clear information to ensure you retain oversight. We avoid creating artificial dependencies on our services. This respectful approach to partnership is tailored to today's intelligence and security environment, where both public safety and value matter.