Why Work For Actica?

Career Development

Actica believes in continually developing the individual during their assignments and through specific training. Initially, you will be expected to work as a team member on projects, contributing to the team's effort and building your professional knowledge and experience. Next you will undertake smaller projects as a project leader, ensuring that our clients receive the best service while further enhancing your own knowledge of project management in a practical environment. As your career develops, so will your portfolio of work, expanding into the different areas in which we work, marketing the company and creating new business opportunities for Actica.

Actica's staff have the opportunity to progress from Consultant to Senior Consultant and on to Principal Consultant through a structured review, assessment and development programme over a number of years.

Rewards and Benefits

In return for your talent and commitment to us, we can provide you with a flying start to your career or a progression to a more rewarding role, equipping you with a wide range of core skills and experience, as well as the opportunity to play a key role at the forefront of the information and communications systems industry.

So what will you gain with Actica?

  • Training and guidance throughout your career to maximise your potential. This takes many forms, including structured e-learning, training courses according to your needs, and on-the-job training. We also encourage staff to join professional bodies, such as the British Computer Society, IEEE Computer Society and the ACM.
  • Highly competitive initial salary package. As you develop, we ensure that you continue to share in the success of the company.
  • Interesting, challenging and varied work. Our assignments typically last between 3 and 6 months, enabling you to rapidly develop a broad-based knowledge of technology and its application in delivering business benefits. We also encourage you to develop your own area of expertise within the company, and to help us direct the business in line with your career aims.

What our consultants say:

  • "As I researched several of the larger consultancies I realised that being part of a huge tranche of new recruits wouldn't suit me. Actica provides the friendly and personal working environment I was looking for." Nick, Senior Consultant
  • "Variety is the key: I've been with Actica for nearly 8 years and during this time have worked on 30 projects for 17 different customers, ranging from a week to two years in length." Mark, Principal Consultant
  • "Throughout the recruitment process, I had been impressed with the people I'd met, and it was clear that I would be given a level of autonomy and accountability for my own work similar to that which I had experienced at University." Rachel, Principal Consultant
  • "When I joined Actica, I was assigned a mentor - Nicky - who was on hand to answer my (many) questions and it was really useful in helping me settle in. So I hope that in the next few years, I might be able to take on a mentor role and do the same for some of the new recruits too!" Mel, Principal Consultant
  • "The work is challenging but fun: there is also a real sense of a family unit which ensures that everyone is treated fairly and that they are recognised and rewarded for their hard work." Billy, Senior Consultant
  • "Speaking to my friends who work at larger consultancies I constantly hear of the lack of responsibility they are given. At Actica I was immediately given exciting and challenging pieces of work I could be proud of and significantly contributed to the projects I was working on." Ed, Consultant
  • "A great benefit of starting a career at Actica is the ability to gain experience of project work immediately after joining. Within a week, I was working on a project in a manner that provided the right level of support to ease the transition from an academic environment, whilst enabling me to make a contribution at an early stage." Rowan, Consultant
  • "By working for Actica, you are given the opportunity to contribute to some of the most important projects throughout the Public Sector. It's a great feeling to know your hard work is going to really make a difference!" Charles, Consultant